Hepatitis B


Hepatitis B continues to cause serious health problems in some countries. Fortunately, in Canada, Québec and Montréal its frequency has dropoed steadily since the early 1990s, largely due to vaccinations.

Acute hepatitis B infection is rarely fatal (less than 1% of all cases). However, chronic infection can cause complications in the longer term, such as cancer or cirrhosis of the liver.

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Target population 

Preventive vaccination is available at no charge for all Grade 4 children.

Some groups of people are particularly at risk for hepatitis B and should be preventively vaccinated. They include people who have chronic liver disease, people who live or have sex with infected people (including the new-borns of infected mothers) and people whose behaviours put them at risk for infection (injection or inhalation drug users, men who have sex with men, people who have multiple sexual partners, etc).

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Practical advice

What can you do to prevent problems and protect yourself? 

To learn more about the subject read our brochure on hepatitis B (1.1 MB) ce lien ouvre un document pdf. .

Whom should you contact to get help?

Call Info-Santé at 811 or see a doctor.

Where can you find additional, credible information?

Public Health Agency of Canada Ce lien ouvre une nouvelle fenêtre.  

Canadian Liver Foundation Ce lien ouvre une nouvelle fenêtre. 

Centres for Disease Control and Prevention Ce lien ouvre une nouvelle fenêtre.