Crisis centres

If you're in crisis, there are places ready and waiting to help!

Crisis centres in Montréal

Crisis centres provide assistance to adults experiencing a state of psychological or psychosocial distress and to their loved ones. They serve as a gateway to crisis services and help people cope with their situation and recover their balance.

The services available 24/7 at the crisis centres include consultation, evaluation, referral, follow-up and temporary accommodation.

People who use our services need to be reassured quickly. They may or may not be suffering from a mental disorder. They need help for a variety of reasons: a family crisis, breakup, loss of job, financial problems, etc. We abstain from passing judgment on them and do all we can to help. In most cases, we will set up community follow-up with telephone support. In others, a short stay at the centre is enough to get them through the crisis. — Christine Deschênes, Executive Director of the TRACOM Crisis Centre.

For more information on crisis centres, see the crisis centres page in the Emergency services section of the portal.

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Crisis centres in the Montréal region

  • Montreal West Island Crisis Centre
  • L'Autre maison
  • Tracom
  • Association Iris
  • Le Transit
  • L'entremise
  • L'Appoint
  • UPS-Justice (responds to cases involving adults with a mental health problem who have committed or are about to commit a criminal act).

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