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Reporting a situation to the Director of Youth Protection

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The Youth Protection Act

The Youth Protection Act applies to children who find themselves in situations that could potentially threaten their lives or compromise their security or development. These children are often in serious difficulty and need protection. 

The Director of Youth Protection (DYP) is responsible for enforcing the Act. 

The DYP intervenes to put an end to and prevent the recurrence of a situation in which the security or development of the child is in danger. 

The DYPs works at Youth Centres. In Montréal, there is a French-speaking DYP who works for the Centre jeunesse de Montréal and an English-speaking DYP who works for the Batshaw Youth and Family Centres.  

The Youth Protection Act specifies six situations in which the DYP is required to intervene, namely when a child: 

  • is abandoned;
  • is neglected;
  • is subject to psychological abuse;
  • is sexually abused;
  • is physically abused;
  • has severe behavioural problems (when the parents fail to take the necessary steps or the child is 14 or older and refuses to comply with the parents' wishes).

The DYP may also be required to act in three other situations in which, according to the Youth Protection Act, the security or the development of a child is in danger: 

  • the child has run away;
  • the child is not attending school (The Public Education Act requires all children in Québec to go to school from the age of six to the end of the school year in which they reach the age of 16); or
  • parents have abandoned a child following placement, such as in a foster home, under the terms of the Health and Social Services Act.

How to report a situation to the DYP?

What is a report to the DYP?

Reports to the Director of Youth Protection are made to draw attention to situations that appear disturbing because of a child's behaviour or things a child has confided to someone else, to give but two examples. Parents may also file a report if they have reason to believe that their child is in danger or their child's development is threatened. 

If you have concerns, but don't know if you need to make a report, you can still call the DYP, who will answer your questions and help you determine what steps might need to be taken. 

To report a situation

You can call the DYP 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

You'll be asked to provide certain details (see the quick reference section of the guide entitled Filing a report with the DYP is already protecting a child.) 

Where to call for file a report: 

  • French-speaking DYP: 514 896-3100
  • English-speaking DYP: 514 935-6196

For more information, read Filing a report with the DYP is already protecting a child.

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