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Testing for HIV-AIDS and STBBIs

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Screening for HIV/AIDS and other sexually-transmitted and blood-borne infections (STBBIs) is free of charge and completely confidential at your CLSC. You can also get information, counselling and support on STBBIs. 

For more information, contact your CLSC

How to get tested and why

STBBI tests are done by an authorized professional in the health and social service network to detect a sexually-transmitted or blood-borne infection in someone who does not have any symptoms; these tests are usually done using a sample of the person's blood, genital secretions or urine. Some infections such as herpes and condylomas cannot be usefully diagnosed by blood testing; they are diagnosed by a doctor on the basis of the patient's answers to questions and an examination of the lesions. 

You can ask for a test after having unsafe sex without a condom or sharing a syringe or other injection equipment. People in a stable relationship who wish to stop using condoms and women who are planning to get pregnant can also ask to be screened. 

Where to get information on STBBI testing

If you have any questions about STBBI testing, speak to a nurse at Info-Santé by dialing 811. 

Please note that CLSCs, SIDEPs (integrated screening and prevention services), and a number of medical clinics offer onsite STBBI screening tests.

For more information: Go to SIDEP+ clinic

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